Tissue Analogues

Tissue engineering can be described as the practice of combining cells, engineering materials (referred to as scaffolds), and biologically active molecules to develop functional tissues.  As a service provider, Zymetrix uses tissues engineering practices to develop biomaterial based models for in vitro testing of tissue responses.   The Bose Electroforce 5270 Biodynamic system is particularly adept for this application as it provides for the growth of tissue analogues under the application of one or a combination of tension, compression, pressure and flow.  Zymetrix has extensive experience in working with dermal fibroblasts.

Adding to this capacity, Zymetrix, through a joint product development project with the TA Electroforce Systems Group, offers one of the world's first MRI compatible bioreactor chambers.  The chamber provides all of the same functions as the standard Biodynamic chamber.  In addition, it allows for the chamber to be removed from the system while maintaining static loading conditions,  imaged in an MRI to provide an indication of tissue structure, and then returned to the Biodynamic system to continue the tissue growth regime. 

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