Friction Testing

Friction testing  is used to determine static and dynamic coefficients of friction between two materials, as well as to test the effect of lubricants on the friction coefficient between two materials.


Zymetrix collaborator, Dr. Tannin Schmidt has developed a novel method for measuring friction of contact lens materials and eye lubricants.  He is also applying his methods to articular joint lubrication.  For this work, Dr. Schmidt uses the Bose Electroforce 3230 in torsion mode outfitted with a very high resolution load cell with a maximum operating range of only +-0.07 Nm.

For more information on the equipment available for friction testing, refer to Torsion Testing.


Zymetrix has experience in measuring the frictional forces that occur between the eye and eyelid and within the synovial joints of the body. We have also measured the changes in frictional forces associated with the wearing of contact lens and with the usage of eye and joint lubricants.