Fatigue and Durability

When incorporated into real world devices and structures, materials are often subjected to repetitive loads during normal operation.  Their mechanical behaviour will change with repetitive loading and is the reason why materials will fail with time. It’s important to know whether a material can maintain its mechanical integrity throughout the desired lifespan of the device/structure. Fatigue and durability testing applies a cyclical load  to a specimen or device, and the number of cycles to produce failure is determined. 

Mechanical durability can also be influenced by the environmental conditions the material/device is exposed to. Accelerated aging is a means of simulating those environmental conditions in the laboratory in a manner that speeds up the aging process.


The Electroforce test frames are particularly adept at performing accelerated fatigue and durability testing because of their ability to operate at high frequencies with high accuracy. 

Model Maximum Operating Frequency
Electroforce 3220 300 Hz
Electroforce 3330 100 Hz
Electroforce 3550 50 Hz




For accelerated aging, Zymetrix has equipment that can simulate specific temperature and humidity conditions and is able  to operate the smallest of our Electroforce testers within our environment chambers.