Anti-Aging Skin Therapy

Client: Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.

Value Add:

There is high demand in western societies for products that can improve the cosmetic appearance of aging skin.  It has been shown in the research literature that skin cells respond to mechanical stimuli.  Nu Skin Enterprises had developed a technology based on this concept.  This project sought proof of concept through the development and use of some innovative in vitro methods.

Key Staff: David Hart Steve Jones

Electroforce 5270 Biodynamic System Histology of dermal fibroblasts

Project Description:

The key to this project was the use of the Electroforce 5270 Biodynamic System.  It enabled the growth of a human skin analogue and allowed for the systematic application of mechanical load to the analogue.

Human dermal fibroblasts (skin cells) from the cheek and temple of the face were seeded in collagen gel and allowed to replicate. The collagen gels were each entered into a 5270 chamber and a prescribed regime of compressive load at a set frequency and duration was applied.  The control condition consisted of cell seed collagen gels not exposed to mechanical load. RNA was extracted from each gel and rtPCR was used to quantify gene expression.

The results showed significant upregulation in beneficial molecules associated with hydration, remodelling and regeneration.